Jan 2, 2011

Fuck Comics!


I’ll never buy another comic again and i stopped trudging off to the comic book store every week two (or is it three) years ago. And what’s great is I now have a lot more money in my pocket to boot!

What the hell was I thinking?

Besides, you see the pile of books above? All free! FREE! FREE, NO COST TO ME WHATSOEVER!

And all obtained through my local library. If you think any of the things are especially dense or hard to get through you have another thing coming.

Comics are dying, on their way out! The very same way newspapers are dying because they simply cannot justify the price point any longer for the monthly comic book. I know I pushed back from the table because it was getting far too pricey for my tastes and now I come to understand that the price point on a comic earlier this year scooted up to $3.99! Of course, the flip side to this is that sales this past year for comics have plummeted! As evidenced by the article I came across today:
Direct-market comics sales fell 12 percent in July versus the previous year, with only Marvel’s X-Men #1 breaking the 100,000-copy mark, thanks to incentive covers and heavy marketing behind a series relaunch. The sixth issue of DC Comics’ summer crossover, Brightest Day, came in at No. 2 with about 94,600 copies.
Why would someone spend $3.99 on a single issue of something when a graphic novel (compilation) can be had for much less than the single issue price? Further, if the high price point is necessary to turn a profit, maybe it’s time publishers go back to printing on cheaper (read newsprint) stock and more basic production to further differentiate the monthly book from the graphic novel.

I really don’t care, they priced me out of the market long ago but I have to admit to having a certain smug satisfaction about the fact I appear not to be the only fan who found comics were getting a little too rich for their blood.

Besides, from what I’ve been reading, there is a preponderance of dreck being foisted on the buying public as it is. I got a graphic novel from the library called ‘Hulked Out Heroes,’ what an absolute waste!

I only recently starting looking at comics for the first time in a few years via what I get through the library and honestly, I don’t feel I’m missing much.

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